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Unusual Theft Case Draws Attention of LAPD

By Jonathan I. Kelman on September 26, 2014. Posted in: Theft Crimes

When smartphones, laptops and other expensive items are stolen, it’s usually from cars or occasionally from one’s own home. However, a recent theft case in Los Angeles involves an unusual setting: the corridors and locker room of a private high school.

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Southern California Authorities Turn Attention to Hash Oil Extraction

By Jonathan I. Kelman on September 26, 2014. Posted in: Drug Crimes

News of drug crimes in Southern California are far from unusual. An area so close to a major international border is bound to be attractive to those who engage in the drug trade, especially as it relates to common drugs like marijuana. However, police say that there is a new element of the illegal drug trade that involves hash oil rather than marijuana itself.

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Los Angeles Police Face Sharp Rebuke for Keeping Innocent Man in Jail

By Jonathan I. Kelman on September 23, 2014. Posted in: Crime News

When a person is charged with a crime in California, he or she usually assumes that proper procedure was probably followed. After all, most citizens don’t have extensive knowledge of either police procedure or the law, and thus a criminal charge is often assumed to be valid from the get-go. Still, as those in the Los Angeles area recognize, large urban police departments are just as susceptible to mistakes as are the residents they protect.

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Not Maintaining Business Vehicles Can Result in Criminal Charges

By Jonathan I. Kelman on September 18, 2014. Posted in: Crime News

Anyone who owns or runs a business knows that there are countless rules and regulations that must be followed. Usually, though, infractions involve fines and other financial penalties rather than criminal charges. However, a recent incident on the 101 Freeway highlighted the fact that business owners or operators may sometimes face criminal charges if they neglect or overlook regulatory requirements.

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Video is Possible Evidence in California Woman’s DUI, Domestic Violence Case

By Jonathan I. Kelman on September 15, 2014. Posted in: Domestic Violence

While it’s not unusual for a person to face multiple criminal charges after an incident, it is fairly uncommon for drunk driving and domestic violence charges to be paired-up together in a case. However, a woman from Huntington Beach will soon be arraigned on both types of charges after a neighbor’s video revealed a troubling scene.

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L.A. County Sheriff’s Office on Lookout for Hit-and-Run Driver

By Jonathan I. Kelman on September 15, 2014. Posted in: Crime News

The roadways of Southern California are almost always packed – not just with cars, but with joggers, cyclists, dog-walkers, scooter-riders and the like. Drivers must pay extremely close attention to their surroundings but sometimes a split second of inattention or distraction can spell tragedy. In some situations, a pedestrian may not follow traffic rules or a cyclist may dart out into an intersection. In any case, when vehicles and non-vehicles collide in L.A., the results can be injury, death or criminal charges.

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Los Angeles Cyclists Agitate for Criminal Charges Against Police Officer

By Jonathan I. Kelman on September 15, 2014. Posted in: Crime News

It’s not unusual to see scores of cyclists cruising along the streets in and around Los Angeles. At times, these groups are riding together for a cause, usually a charitable endeavor or sometimes a memorial for a fallen member of the community. Recently, dozens of individuals on bikes traversed the route from Calabasas to downtown Los Angeles, a trek that is about 30 miles. The cyclists converged on the District Attorney’s office to put pressure on authorities to increase charges against a deputy who struck a bicyclist.

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Police Chase Ends in Arrest for La Habra Man Accused of DUI

By Jonathan I. Kelman on September 10, 2014. Posted in: Drunk Driving

What starts out as a normal traffic stop in Southern California can often veer into completely unexpected territory. As DUI crackdowns continue past the Labor Day weekend, many L.A. residents are still being extra–cautious on the road. Recently in Yorba Linda, what began as suspicion of DUI evolved into a police chase that culminated in a dramatic arrest.

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Long Beach Officer Shoots, Wounds Suspect’s Pit Bull

By Jonathan I. Kelman on September 3, 2014. Posted in: Sex Crimes

Police shootings have been making headlines across the country lately, but here in Southern California, police shootings are sometimes obscured by more high-profile news. Still, recently in Long Beach, police admitted they took aim at the dog of a sexual assault suspect, wounding the pit bull in the process of trying to track down their suspect.

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Huge Southern California Drunk Driving Crackdown Yields Hundreds of Arrests

By Jonathan I. Kelman on August 28, 2014. Posted in: Drunk Driving

Labor Day, like almost every holiday weekend in Southern California, is a time when countless residents are enjoying time off from work, and frequently some traveling as well. Labor Day weekend is also well-known for its DUI crackdowns that can leave unsuspecting driver in a lot of legal trouble.

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