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Pre-File Investigations

A pre-file investigation is when you may be under police investigation and are suspected of a crime, but no formal charges have been brought against you yet. If you find yourself in this situation, it is extremely critical that you contact an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to act on your behalf immediately. Do not make the mistake of waiting until charges have been filed against you to retain the services of a lawyer. An experienced, aggressive pre-file investigation attorney could directly have a huge impact on if your case ever gets filed.

It is critically important that during a pre-file investigation, you always execute your 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Law enforcement agents will try and convince you that telling your side of the story or revealing information to them will help you in the long run. This is definitely not the case! This information will only be used against you later in a court of law.

Given the complexity of criminal defense in general and pre-file investigation cases in particular, it is vital that you choose a Los Angeles pre-file investigation attorney who combines experience with a good track record, a thorough understanding and familiarity with the law and the local courts, and a commitment to each and every client. When you hire The Law Offices of Jonathan I. Kelman, we will use our extensive experience to complete our own pre-file investigation with the goal of preventing criminal charges from being filed against you.

If you have been accused of a criminal offense, your time to get the right criminal defense attorney is limited. The Law Offices of Jonathan I. Kelman has successfully represented numerous clients who were being investigated for criminal offenses throughout the State of California. The Law Offices of Jonathan I. Kelman prides itself on aggressive representation with a personal touch. Armed with the knowledge and experience to build a winning defense, Jonathan I. Kelman is accustomed to taking on the criminal justice system and achieving the best results for his clients.

When your future is on the lineā€¦ Call the Law Offices of Jonathan I. Kelman immediately. Your phone consultation is free and completely confidential.

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