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Sherman Oaks Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Are you facing possible jail time? Stressed out about the ramifications that a Sherman Oaks misdemeanor charge might have on your employability? The Law Office of Jonathan I. Kelman can help. Our firm practices exclusively in California criminal defense law and have handled cases in such areas as:

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan I. Kelman do more than just represent you in court – we make sure that you are afforded all protections and rights throughout the legal process. Our work starts even as early as the arraignment, or the formal reading of the charges being brought against you. It is here that you will enter your plea to the charges, from which the case moves forward. Immediately after this hearing, we will conduct a full investigation of your case – reviewing police reports and all available evidence.

Based on this fact finding, the criminal defense attorney will also be in a position to negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the charges ore lessen the recommended sentencing. If negotiations fail, or if the evidence supports it, your attorney will also prepare you and your case for trial.

Regardless of how ‘serious’ your criminal charges are, you should always start by consulting an experienced Sherman Oaks criminal defense attorney. All criminal charges can have an adverse effect on your life – whether it be jail time, a fine that you cannot afford to pay, or a reputation that could affect your employability. When working with a law firm that deals exclusively in criminal defense matters, you can rest assured that your case will get the individual attention it deserves. More so, as a firm that practices only in criminal defense, we know the prosecutors and can work with them to see if there are alternative solutions to settling your case.

Remember, when your future is on the line, call the Law Offices of Jonathan I. Kelman at 310.286.1218 for your free initial consultation.

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